Machiavelli negotiating vaccine acceptance

“Men intrinsically do not trust new things that they have not experienced themselves.”

In 1494 in the city of Florence (Italy), Machiavelli was appointed to an office of the second chancery, a medieval writing office that put Machiavelli in charge of the production of official Florentine government documents. In the first decade of the sixteenth century, he carried out several diplomatic missions, most notably in the times of the spread of the COVID-4 in Italy. He was sent to Pistoia to meet the leaders of the Anti-vaccine movement in order to convince them of taking the vaccine.

When Niccolo Machiavelli arrived to the meeting, he sat in front of the two leaders of the Anti-vaccine movement: Pablo Maldini and Valerio Baresi (and some other buff guys) in an attempt to negotiate and change their minds.

Machiavelli started the discussion with: “Can you please take the vaccine?”
In which Pablo replied: “No, I wouldn’t take it!”
Machiavelli continued: “But it’s good for you…”

Valerio interrupted Machiavelli by slamming his fist on the table and retorting: “So many things going on these days, you really can’t trust other people!” Then Pablo stood up and said: “There is a lot of mistrust, unfortunately, due to the history we have seen; people don’t want to be guinea pigs! They don’t want to be tested on!” After a loud 15 minute discussion, Machiavelli was getting his face pounded on the table he was sitting on. Pablo, Valerio, and the boys were tossing him around like a giant piece of Salami.

However, Machiavelli got back alive and bruised to Florence, and upon his arrival he was asked: “Why didn’t they agree to take the vaccines? Didn’t you say that people better fear than love authority?” In which Machiavelli answered: “Looks like I made a mistake this time which almost cost me my life. And it turns out that men intrinsically do not trust new things that they have not experienced themselves; like the vaccine. Can anyone get me some ice for my face?”

Philosophers lives matter. For existential purposes and failure in getting rich, I am overclocking my liver to refurbish Filosophy. A page for all and none.

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