“Eating shit is all very well, but you can’t always eat the same shit. So, I try to get hold of some new shit.”

Lacan on Eating Shit: The function of what we call a cultural trend is to mix and homogenize. Something emerges and has certain qualities, a certain freshness, a certain tip. It’s a fad. The said cultural trend kneads it until it becomes completely reduced, despicable, and communicates with everything. It has to be said that this is not satisfactory, despite everything. Not for reasons to do with any internal necessity, but for commercial reasons. When it has been uprooted, it becomes exhausted. Although I’ve been using bad language I think I can take the liberty of repeating the formula that occurred to me in this connection. Eating shit is all very well, but you can’t always eat the same shit. So, I try to get hold of some new shit.

A fad is a product that has little, if any, utility but is characterized by a quick rise in sales and popularity followed by a quick decline in sales and popularity. This quick up and down in sales is because fad products usually do not satisfy a strong consumer need. Nevertheless, fads seldom completely die out with some hardcore followers remaining loyal. Classical examples of fads are: Fidget Spinners, Virtual pets, Pokemon-Go, Pet Rocks, Harlem Shake, Clackers, Hover-boards, Slinkys, Flappy Bird… and the list goes on and on.

Fads are objects or behaviors that achieve short-lived popularity but fade away. Fads are often seen as sudden, quick-spreading, and short-lived. Fads include diets, clothing, hairstyles, toys, and more. Similar to habits or customs but less durable, fads often result from an activity or behavior being perceived as emotionally popular or exciting within a peer group, or being deemed “cool” as often promoted by social networks. A fad is said to “catch on” when the number of people adopting it begins to increase to the point of being noteworthy. Fads often fade quickly when the perception of novelty is gone. That being said, it’s time to feed my Tamagotchi.

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