Descartes: You Patreon, therefore I am

“You Patreon, therefore I am.”

In 1618 Descartes visited Basilica della Santa Casa in Loreto in Italy to take part in a rave party. On that night; Rene got so high that he lost half of his memories which led him to reconstruct false memories later on in his life. Descartes liked hallucinogens: LSD, DMT, PCP, MXE, DOB, DVD, just give him any pill or cigarette and he will take it without asking you what it is. Descartes was on a different level of thought most of his lifetime.

After the rave party in Italy and the reconstruction of his memory, Descartes visited Rotterdam (Netherlands) before returning to France, it was there that he composed his first essay on method: Regulae ad Directionem Ingenii (Rules for the Direction of the Mind). When Descartes returned home to La Haye en Touraine in France, he sold all of his property on Amazon in order to invest in high quality LSD.

According to Adrien Baillet (Rene Descartes’ biographer), on the night of 10–11 November 1619 on St. Martin’s Day (a.k.a. old Halloween), Descartes shut himself in a room with a cockle stove to escape the cold. While within, he had three dreams and believed that a divine spirit revealed to him a new philosophy. Upon exiting, he had formulated analytical geometry and the idea of applying the mathematical method to philosophy. He concluded from these visions that the pursuit of science would prove to be, for him, the pursuit of true wisdom and a central part of his life’s work. Descartes also concluded that all truths were linked with one another, and that finding a fundamental truth and proceeding with logic would require of him to set up a Patreon page in order to sustain his lifestyle of being a great thinker and open the way to all science.

Descartes wrote his famous line “You Patreon, therefore I am” on that night as a result of a bad PCP trip. He downed two PCP pills followed by a Mickey Mouse LSD tab and a DVD of Barney the Dinosaur. The morning after, Descartes set up a Patreon page which provided him with a comfortable income for the rest of his life.



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