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“I told you I’ll be back.”

I told you I’ll be back.

Wow this place is worse than it used to be.

Is this the Kingdom of God?

If I had Instagram in my days this wouldn’t have happened,

I would’ve filmed my daily miracles and shared them with my followers.

You guys have Twitter? How cool is that!

I’m going to Tweet one right now: “Thou shall not mess with G-sys”

Wow this Insta thing is great.

Apparently, girls in swimsuits rule the world right now,

Sounds good to me, LIKE.

No, I don’t do turning water into wine anymore, I’m sober now,

But I can cure the blind with these bionic lenses I’ve designed.

No, they’re not cheap, but I can give you a discount if you enter this Promo code: “Let go and let God.”

Who’s up for church this Sunday?

Yes, at my place.

After the Sermon,

I’m taking back Jerusalem.

Who wants to join my army of Cyborgs?

Don’t worry; you don’t have to be a Cyborg to join.

You just have to know how to obey.

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